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This site is the result of years of "when we have our own website…". We're driven by the passion for handball, journalism and storytelling, which has taken us around the world to witness the most amazing tournaments and breathtaking moments of our sport. From unforgettable victories and heartbreaking defeats to unexpected twists, instants of extreme happiness and bitter sorrow; we've always been interested, most of all, in the behind the scenes of those moments.


If you love handball and you're interested in the stories beyond the courtside lines, this is the place for you.

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About the editors
EHF F4 2017 - Nagore_edited.jpg

Handball has been my passion since the very first moment I played it at school, at age 9. Journalism is the vocation that fills me, the path I chose in life and that has helped me fight many battles so far. One of them being the creation of a site like this, one in which I can tell the stories otherwise forgotten. Playmaker is ready to give a voice to those who are not often listened to in the international women's handball world; ready to listen, write and share with the world.

Nagore Odriozola


Basque Country

  • @nagoreodri12

Handball has been a passion for me for more than half of my lifetime. I studied sports journalism with the idea of one day being able to give more visibility to this sport in my country and sooner than later I saw myself travelling around the world, volunteering or covering the most important tournaments worldwide. Playmaker is the result of a need to have a space of our own where we could continue to share the passion for handball and showing everyone stories that don't usually make it to the headlines of the bigger media outlets. Welcome to the home of women's handball.

Laura Agena



  • @flotadora
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